Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Official Pitch Wars Picks (& a few fun extras)

Before we announce our official Pitch Wars mentee and alternate, we want to thank everyone once again for submitting to us. Stacey and I were both overwhelmed by the quality of entries and the amazing enthusiasm we felt from all of you on Twitter. It’s been so fun reading everyone’s work and connecting with all of you.

We genuinely wish we could pick more than one mentee. But since we can’t, we’ve decided to give a few additional awards for some of the extra delightful things that jumped out at us as we went through our Pitch Wars inbox.

Best Personalized Query
 Genevieve Angelique Artel, author of FORGOTTEN.

She managed to include all mentors in her query. Awesome job Genevieve.

Most Original Fairytale Retelling/Fairytale Mashup
Rena Traxel, author of THE WITCHES BREW.

We really hope to see this Hansel & Gretel retelling in our local bookstores someday.

Most Memorable P. S.
Adam Hughes
“If you google me, I am not the same Adam Hughes who draws nearly-pornographic comic book illustrations. Just for the record, I can't draw.”

This made us both laugh out loud. Well said, Adam.

Tweet That Made Stephanie Smile
Eustacia Tan
“Thought I saw an email from @SGarberGirl and my heart stopped for a while. Turns out it was just a blogger comment update :p #pitchwars

I don’t know that anyone has ever been so excited about an email from me before. Thanks, Eustacia!

Tweet That Made Stacey Smile
Sammy Azzouz
After Stacey tweeted for people to check their spam folders:
@moabsam1 tweeted: "I don't think I ever wanted spam before"

We actually think this tweet made a lot of people smile.

Most Likely To Make Us Wish We Were Mentoring MG
Rebecca Rice Birkin, author of LAWNMOWER, LEAVING

You hooked us from the first line of your query: “Cole’s Fear List won’t stop growing.”

Most Likely To Appeal To Theater Geeks Like Us
THE GISELLE PROJECT by Heather Harris-Brady

We also loved the title for this one.

Most Unusual Historical Setting (Babylon)
TRADE WINDS TO MELUHHA By Vasantrai Purushottam Davé

We could feel the atmosphere just from the query for this one.

Eeriest Japanese Folklore
YOKAI by David Ferraro

We still feel a little haunted by this one.

Book We Wish We Could Get Lost In
ENCIRCLED by Summer Spence

This story hit all our favorite notes--castle, princes, faraway places, historical awesomeness!

Best High School Musical MS
Kim Pierson, author of THE DEAR JANE LETTERS

When we read these pages we felt like we were watching a movie.

Most Unique Title
THE SHADOW OF BABA YAGA by Antonin Korenek

Doesn’t the title for this just make you want to read more?

Favorite First Line
Marisa Hopkins author of CALLING THE GHOST
“I was having a Lady of Shalott Moment.”

Great opening! We’re not sure if you were going for this, but we immediately thought of Anne Shirley.

Best Comp Titles
Jenna DeVillier,  Amira Sayler, & Jerry Quinn

Jenna DeVillier for using GRAVE MERCY
We both love Robin LaFevers!

Amira Sayler for using FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK
FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK is Stephanie’s absolute favorite!

Jerry Quinn for using Stephen Sondheim’s INTO THE WOODS, which Stacey saw for the first time a few months ago

Most Original Twist on Shape-Shifting
Somer Givens, author of ARANO

Bone marrow disintegration is kind of freaky, but flying is pretty awesome.

Best Mentee Bio
Dakota Shain Byrd

He had us the moment we saw Inigo Montaya.

Coziest Cozy Mystery
UNEASY GRACE by Susan Paxton

We wish we could cuddle up with this one.

Voiciest Query
Ashley Hearn, author of BOOK OF ADAM

We also loved the setting for this one—definitely fit with our wish list.

Most Heartfelt Tweet
Katherine A. Pisana
The one thing I want more than anything: to be an author. Wanting something so bad means I feel the rejection & disappointment keenly.”

So many of Katherine’s tweets are heart felt, but we especially loved this one. All of you should follow her.

Most Timely Entry
Steven Rogers, author of SONG OF THE VALKYRIE

Thank you for being the very first to apply to us. We know you all get nervous about being chosen, and we’re the same way. Thanks for choosing us.

Query That Dazzled Us

We could have picked this one, but another mentor found it first. J

Favorite Contemporary
ANYONE'S GHOST by Emily Marquart

This was a close one for us. We liked it so much we shared it with other mentors.

In addition to the prizeless awards above, we’ve also given three honorable mentions. These are for manuscripts we came this-close to picking. For all three of these manuscripts we’ll be giving the authors query critiques.

Honorable Mention
FOR BEARED OR WORSE by Jennifer D. Bushroe

We felt this fantasy was completely original, and the pages were well-written, too.

Honorable mention
JC Davis, author of CHEESUS WAS HERE

We both loved the concept behind this, but we think she’ll do fine without us.

Honorable Mention
D. A. Mages author of THE MEMORY OF OBJECTS.

This one was a close call for us. We both loved the concept of this as well, and we’re so glad another mentor loved it, too!

Thank you all for making us laugh and smile. Almost every entry actually made us smile; these are just a few of the ones that stood out a little extra.

And now it is time to announce our official Pitch Wars mentee and alternate. 

Our New #Pitchwars Mentee from Stacey-Author on Vimeo.

Stacey and I are really excited about the manuscripts we’ve chosen! But the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve had so much fun making videos for Pitch Wars, that we plan on making more. You can find them here, on our official Tumblr page.

And, if you have a writing question you'd like us to answer in one of our videos feel free to email us at:  stephandstacey (dot) pitchwars (at) gmail (dot) com.

Coming up later this week:  People have requested we do a post where we talk a little more in depth about how we made our final choices. We also plan on highlighting some common mistakes found in queries. So be sure to check back!

If you subbed to us, thank you once again! And if you’re just stopping by to see who we chose, thanks for that, too.